Mesta Electronics specializes in power electronics and the manufacturing of advanced power quality and power conversion equipment. Below are listed some of our product range.

         Induction Heating Power Supply  

Air-Cooled Induction Heating Power Supplies/Inverters

–Provides optimal precision and control with output power control resolution of .00625%
–Extremely effective for crystal growth MOCVD applications
–Increased productivity and decreased maintenance costs compared to water cooled systems
–Offers efficiency of over 97% helping to reduce production costs
–Dual output systems available for multi-coil applications
–Uninterruptible units with built-in battery back-up available
–M.T.B.F. of all Mesta equipment is over 200,000 hours


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Active Harmonic Filters

Active Harmonic Filters

–Actively reduces harmonic distortion to less than 5%
–Helps meet ANSI/IEEE-519 requirements
–Instantly reacts to and corrects for varying loads
–Full Color HMI Display
–Reduces utility costs and corrects power factor near unity
–Compensates for single or multiple non-linear loads
–Balances three phase loads and extends plant equipment life
–Compensation provided for all reactive currents

The legacy Mesta DPM product has been replaced by the HPS Truwave™ Active Harmonic Filter. For more information, or to work with HPS directly click here.

For support related to the legacy DPM Product click here.


               Uninterrupted Power Supply  

Support for Legacy Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Products