Mesta Electronics manufactures induction heating inverters that offer high precision and power control, which is especially needed in optical fiber and crystal growth applications.

The air-cooled induction heating power supply provides an extremely precise and highly stable power output used for the most critical and demanding applications.

Induction Heating Inverter

Features and Benefits


Increases productivity and decreases maintenance costs

MTBF of over 200,000 Hours

Industry leading reliability offers peace of mind

97% Operating Efficiency

Dramatically reduces operating costs

Optimal Precision and Control

Provides power control resolution of .00625%

On-Demand Auto Tuning

Optimizes the fixed output frequency to the load

Multi-Voltage Tap Options

Allows system to be matched on-site with the furnace

Compact Footprint

Saves facility floor space

Remote Computer Control

Enables local and remote system communications

Dual Output Systems

Allows for multi-coil applications

Uninterruptible Systems

Avoid power loss for critical applications


Crystal Growth

  • Industry leading reliability provides peace of mind during long crystal growth runs that can take several weeks
  • Exceptional control resolution and stability facilitates precise temperature control with temperatures exceeding 2200° Celsius
  • Mesta systems have been used with many materials including; Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Nitride, Gallium Nitride, Aluminum Garnet
Chohralsky method of crystal growth
Fiber optic cable

Fiber Optics

  • Mesta’s On-Demand auto tunings allows user to optimize furnace efficiency for each operating cycle
  • Remote communications allow for logging of data for each specific heat run to help maximize production yields

Epitaxy (MOCVD & CVD)

  • Air-cooling allows for low maintenance and high efficiency in high volume production facilities
  • Mesta systems are widely used in the production of semiconductor materials
semiconductor silicon wafer

Advantages of Parallel Resonant Topology

Mesta parallel resonance topology aids in precise control and system efficiency, especially when compared with series resonance systems.

diagram of parallele resonance on induction heating inverter parallel resonance graph

Fixed frequency PWM power control greatly enhances control stability and resolution.

Parallel resonance topology decreases the conductive losses between the inverter output and the load, which also allows for remote location of the Mesta power supply if needed.

IHI Power Ratings & Configurations

  • Standard output power offerings include 25kW, 50kW, 75kW, and 100kW
  • Each system has user configurable output voltage taps ranging from 200V-1000V
  • Multiple input voltages available ranging from 380V-480V
  • Custom power output ranges are available upon request
induction heating inverter interactive screen
dual output power supply

Dual Output Systems

  • Allows for the use of two coils to achieve complex temperature profiles
  • Power in each coil to be individually controlled via two independent control signals
  • Phase angle of each output can be adjusted optimize power coupling between two coils

Uninterruptible Systems

  • Has a built in UPS function to help ensure stable power output during facility power interruptions
  • Provides higher reliability and efficiency than a stand alone power supply and UPS combination
power supply
custom black induction heating inverter cabinet

Customer Specific Modifications

  • Hardware modifications
    • Custom control hardware
    • Custom safety hardware
    • Custom indicators
  • Cabinet modifications
    • Customer specific installation knock-outs
    • Customer specified colors
    • Equipment stands and hoods

Application Specific Tuning Capacitors

  • Mesta can assist to determine appropriate tuning capacitor values and provide tuning capacitors to match customer load coils
  • Multiple taps are provided in order to fine tune the amount of capacitance that is available
  • Custom bus bars are available upon request

Mesta Factory Testing

induction heating inverter being tested

Mesta is now equipped with new state of the art production and test facilities.

Every Mesta power supply is tested under load to ensure exceptional quality and trouble free operation.

Customer specific parameters can be uploaded for a turnkey installation.

Customer witness testing is available upon request.

Product Resources

Download IHI Product Brochure

Download IHI Specifications

Induction Heating Inverter Specifications

Power Ratings Available

  • 25kW
  • 50kW
  • 75KW
  • 100KW
  • Additional Power Ratings Available Upon Request