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Mesta Electronics specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of advanced power quality and power conversion equipment. Mesta's products offer innovative design, superior efficiency, and exceptional reliability, ranging from highly advanced harmonic filters to extremely precise induction heating power supplies. Mesta is involved in several different industries; its induction heating power supplies are prominent in the crystal and material growth market, while its active harmonic filters can be found in a variety of different manufacturing, water, and power facilities.

In July 2021, Mesta was acquired by Hammond Power Solutions (HPS). Through this collaboration Mesta and HPS will continue to grow their presence in the power quality market.


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Mesta Electronics - A New Chapter

North Huntingdon, PA , January 26, 2024

Moving into 2024, Mesta will continue to add to their production and engineering capabilities, including a 20,000 sq ft factory addition [as previously announced], coupled with comprehensive facility renovations, set to commence in the upcoming weeks, with completion anticipated by the 3rd quarter of 2024. Also, Mesta will continue expanding its engineering and other support staff throughout 2024 to ensure they are meeting their customers' needs. During this process of growth and investment, Mesta will strive to become a key piece for HPS’ new Power Quality & Conversion Business Unit.

With these changes, Mesta is positioned to continue as an industry leader in Induction Heating and other power quality sectors and provide innovative products and solutions for its customers.

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Mesta Electronics designs and manufactures advanced power quality and power conversion equipment including:




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