Mesta Electronics' On-line-interactive Uninterruptible Power Systems protect your vital equipment from damage by outages, surges, sags, and lightning..

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Mesta's advanced engineering guards your critical equipment against:

- Surges, brown outs and sags that can severely damage sensitive electronics
- Power losses that can stop your critical operations cold, destroying memory
- Lightning strikes,which are easily repelled by Mesta's 6000 to 1 attenuation

Mesta believes that "uninterruptible" should mean exactly that, they build their UPS units to meet our clients demanding applications.

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Mesta uninterruptible power supplies offer features and benefits that are not available from any other systems.

Long lasting reliability is built into every Mesta UPS. Mesta's unique design optimizes performance and efficiency and reduces parts count. Low operating temperature and favorable voltage margins significantly extend component
life. The result: the most reliable UPS units available from anyone... any price

The first single-conversion, continuously online interactive UPS. Because the Mesta unit is on line, it co-exists with your AC line input and continuously responds to line spikes and drops. And, because it is singIe-conversion,it is twice as efficient as antiquated double-conversion designs. Finally, because it is interactive, it continuously esponds to the AC line input and the load to enhance the power factor and minimize the demand. This results in continuous protection, power conditioning and high efficiency

Unique phase-locked, amplitude-adjusted, online - interactive capability. A Mesta unit can generate sufficient utility rate savings to pay for itself in less than three years.

Electronic short circuit and overload protection. Mesta units offer a capacity twice that of the competition's...that's a 300% overload capability. Perhaps you've been buying more UPS than you really need, in order to compensate for an under - designed, unresponsive unit.

Universal compatibility. Mesta UPS are compatible with all loads...all equipment...all applications. Fast, programmable compensation capability for amplitude and frequency variations enables the Mesta UPS to
phase -lock with any generator on the market today

Unique "charge profile algorithm." Mesta follows battery manufacturers' recommendations, which minimize charging time and maximize battery service life.

Extended service life. Mesta produces a UPS unit so reliable that it provides 200,000 hours MTBF - that's almost 23 years of continuous service.

Dynamic auto tap changer.The microcontroller calculates characteristic line and system impedance, senses input AC voltage and loading variations and then dynamically selects the appropriate transformer tap to maintain the output voltage within a given tolerance. This provides peak performance under varying AC conditions.

These advanced engineering features are standard on every Mesta UPS...from the streamlined Series I
(0.4 KVA) to the ultra - programmable Series III (three - phase systems ). All made in the USA.

The complete family of Mesta UPS
answers every power protection requirement you may have.


Uninterrupted Power Supply Series 1

Series I: .4 to 1.25 KVA

Small UPS units provide big system protection. Same state-of-the-art technology that is available in Mesta's three phase systems. Unprecedented over-load protection. Get up to 5,000 watts of peak power for the lower price and smaller size of a 1250-watt UPS. Unique isolated bedside Medical UPS available
with programmable alarm and automatic bypass.

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Uninterrupted Power Supply Series 2

Series II: 2 to 5 KVA

15,000 watts of peak power in a 5 KVA package. Quiet operation. Over 200,000 hours MTBF–nearly 23 years-made it the choice of Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute. Because of Mesta's 300% overload and current limiting capabilities, these compact 5 KVA Mesta UPS have replaced competitors' 12.5 KVA units.

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Uninterrupted Power Supply Series 3

Series III: 10 KVA and Higher

Three-phase systems with a small footprint, but big power. Superior efficiency, 94% on-line. Internal batteries. Fully programmable using an integral 8 line by
40 character LCD display and keypad, or remotely through standard RS232 interface. Timestamped, UPS power history records up to 50 events. Effortless installation. No sequenced start-up.

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Mesta UPS start under load, handle non-linear loads, limit current and offer short circuit protection.

At the heart of Mesta's unique design is a high-performance microcontroller which automatically generates a high quality sine wave output that precisely matches the wave shape of commercial power, unlike the square waves
generated by most other UPS systems.

Mesta Systems offer both attended and remote computer interface.

All Mesta UPS provide RS232 communications that link the UPS microcontroller with a remote computer. The two-way link enables users to collect detailed information on power usage and other load characteristics and to remotely control the UPS or the load. Operating parameters and diagnostics are fully programmable.

Software packages provide automatic UPS monitoring and unattended orderly shutdown.

A hardware agent is available that can be configured to turn a Mesta UPS into a SNMP-managed (Simple Network Management Protocol) device on a network.

Optional Power Configurations. Any unit can be configured for 50 Hz, 230 volt or 60 Hz, 208/240 volt capacity.

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